Olympic Sports License Plate

Olympic Sports License Plate License Plate, Olympic Sports License Plate License Tag
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Olympic Sports License Plate

All license plates I produce are flat and are never embossed. Each one of them is handmade. The License Plate dimension depends on the type of license plate that you have selected - Car License Plate is 6" x 12", Motorcycle License Plate is 7"x 4", European License Plate is 19" x 4 5/16" and Bicycle License Plate is 6" x 3" each. The car license plate comes with four mounting slots 7" on center. The material used to build these plates is durable .032 gauge aluminum. They are brightly colored with highly detailed photographic quality imagery. License plates are not returnable since they are created just for you.

Aluminum License Plate`s Dimensions :
  • Car License Plate : 6" x 12"
  • Motorcycle License Plate : 7"x 4"
  • European License Plate : 19" x 4 5/16"
  • Bicycle License Plate : 6" x 3" each
License Plate Specifications :
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Thickness : 0.032 gauge
  • Hand Made : Yes
  • Flat : Yes
  • Embossed : No
  • Mounting Slots : Yes
  • Color : Brightly colored
  • Image Quality : Highly detailed photographic quality imagery
  • Returnable : No, they are prepared as per your order and are created just for you.

Advantages: They are made of aluminum, therefore they won`t rust or corrode. Unlike license plates made of plastic, these won`t get brittle and crack.

On the next page you will get option to write instructions to customize (optional) this plate, in case you want to personalize it. You will be able to mention alterations example: color or font changes etc. on the next page.

We do have option to build a completely new design for you too.


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